The Whole-Person Approach

As a Obria clinicians focus on whole care for the whole you, our professional team understands your physical and sexual health is just one component of your life. That is why we are devoted to providing services with a holistic view characterized by the treatment of the whole person. We consider social and mental factors rather than just physical symptoms. Research shows, healthy people have healthy relationships. Having a holistic view for Obria means educating and equipping you with research-aligned relationship development and life skills. Having these skills increases the ability to navigate your relationships and live your best life.

Relationship education that is outlined in the current literature regarding what makes relationships thrive and flourish assists you to access the key components of emotional, mental, social, financial and, of course, physical well-being. This approach empowers you with a toolbox full of skills to navigate the most intimate parts of your life.  Without these skills, some find themselves in unhealthy relationships that tear at the heart and create havoc and drama.

At Obria, we are dedicated to the highest standard of care in a comforting, supportive atmosphere, using this “whole person” approach.  Whether you are looking for:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Healthy ways to work through conflict
  • Ways to make healthy and intentional decisions
  • Safe and fun dating strategies
  • Learning to operationalize love and commitment
  • Planning for your future and creating a vision for your life

Partner selection strategies

  • Learning about yourself and others
  • Navigating differences
  • Understanding cultural influences
  • Leadership and job readiness
  • Optimal sexual health and fertility care

Obria is your first choice.

The dedicated Obria team will equip and empower you to confidently tackle the obstacles you face and assist you when additional support or services are needed.  This a safe place to learn, grow, ask questions and get answers. Your health and wellbeing are important to everyone at Obria Medical Clinics where your voice matters. Let us help you to develop meaningful connections and experience healthy relationships for optimal wellness and to live and love well.

Some of our clinics offer these resources at low or no-cost, come, learn, have fun. Our educators are waiting for you.