Men’s Health

When it comes to Men's Health, we at Obria Medical Clinics understand you may have many questions, and we are here to help.

 Explore the several men’s health services we offer below and book your appointment today!

Fatherhood Questions & Support

An unplanned pregnancy is often a confusing or scary time for both of you. At Obria Medical Clinics, we are here to help you as well as your partner or friend.

STD Testing & Treatment

Before having sex with a partner, make sure you have been tested for Sexual Transmitted Diseases & Sexual Transmitted Infections (STDs/STIs). Many STI’s have no symptoms and some men and women don’t even know that they have one.

HIV Testing & Referrals

HIV is a very serious sexually transmitted disease that negatively impacts the body’s immune system, potentially giving rise to AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Learning and understanding about HIV and AIDS and the symptoms of HIV can help reduce your chances of infection and aid in prevention. 

Optimal Health Coaching

You deserve to live your life to the fullest – happy, healthy, and fulfilled. Our Optimal Health Coaching program meets each individual where they are and empowers you to build a life of healthier choices and better outcomes.

Risk Avoidance Counseling

Sex is an intimate but high-risk act that can result in unintended consequences. We want to help you achieve a fulfilling bond with your partner while avoiding unnecessary risks or outcomes. Book an appointment at an Obria near you today to learn more.