Get Care NOW

If you want immediate help and don’t want to wait for an in-person appointment, get in touch with a medical professional now by downloading our Obria Direct app.

When you need a doctor most to get answers to whatever questions you may have about an unexpected pregnancy, abortion, abortion pill, birth control, adoption, STD/STIs, HIV, and anything else related to your sexual health, the Obria

Direct app FREE features include the following:

  • Free real-time Video chat sessions with a live medical professional at the touch of a button where you can ask your questions face to face.
  • Free text chat sessions, in case you need to ask a question quickly or discreetly.
  • Easily schedule appointments online to see a medical professional at Obria Medical Clinics.

The Obria Direct app interface

The Obria Direct app also comes packed with a variety of information to help address your questions and concerns about your sexual and reproductive health, including information about pregnancy, abortion, parenting, sexually transmitted diseases, and the options you have at hand concerning them. You can also be directed to a nearby Obria Medical Clinic for in-person care and testing. Most importantly, the Obria Direct app is completely confdential and 100% HIPAA compliant, so you can rest easy knowing everything will be held in strict confdence between you and the medical professional at Obria.