Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved at Obria. You CAN make a difference in our community…GET INVOLVED!

Find a place that’s right for YOU.

For more information or inquires about the application process please contact Kim Iseley at 


In Clinic Volunteer 

(4 to 8 hour weekly commitment for 1 year minimum) 

  • Medical Professional – perform medical tasks alongside staff nurses and doctors 
  • Non-medical – input data, answer phones, make copies, organize  

Prenatal Class Volunteer 

(2 hours per week) 

  • Assist nurse educator and help attendees with set-up, getting comfortable and possibly babysitting 

Corporate Office Volunteer 

(Flexible 9-5 hours) 

  • Support corporate staff at the office in Tustin by inputting data, making phone calls, doing mailings, organizing 

Marketing Volunteer 

(Flexible 9-5 hours) 

  • From home, research and share information with us that is pertinent 
  • On Social Media, share Obria Facebook and/or Instagram posts with others 
  • Help us create content and make videos at our clinic and corporate office  

Outreach On-Call Volunteer 

(Flexible tbd hours, includes weekends) 

  • Help with moving, upcoming events and mailings as needed 

Optimal Health Education Volunteer 

(Weekend Conference, plus teaching classes) 

  • Attend a weekend training course in order to educate schools and students 
  • Teach students in schools, community, and faith-based settings 

FEMM Volunteer 

(Online training, plus in-clinic appointments)  

  • Participate in a training in order to educate patients about the FEMM method of Natural Family Planning 
  • Implement training with patients in the clinic 

 Church, School or Group Liaison  

  • Work with an organization to create Obria events, diaper drives, and/or fundraisers