You’re Pregnant, Child Self-Confidence & Natural Ways to Improve PMS

February News

Natural Ways to Improve PMS Symptoms

Do you experience horrible PMS symptoms like acne, heavy flow and severe cramping? Does it cause you to miss out on school or other daily activities? If this sounds like you, you might’ve gone to your doctor and they prescribed birth control to help relieve these PMS symptoms. It might relieve some of the symptoms but it’s not treating the issue, it’s just masking it. Did you know that 83% of teens are on birth control? “The Guttmacher Institute estimated from this survey that 1.5 million women and teens in the U.S. are using oral contraception for noncontraceptive purposes (Acne, pelvic pain, heavy flow, irregular cycles, mood swings, etc.) giving birth control the “Cure-All” effect.”

What if there were natural ways to help improve these symptoms without the use of birth control? One of the main causes of these could be inflammation in the body. Inflammation is caused by poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and hormone imbalance. To try and cut down on inflammation in the body try getting more sleep, eat less sugar and exercise more.

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You’re pregnant! Congratulations!

Such exciting news for you! Carrying and bringing life into this world is such a wonderful experience that only a woman has the ability to accomplish. Pregnancy can be such a wonderful stage in a woman’s life, however, it can also be the most dangerous stage.

You’re probably wondering, “how can I keep myself and my baby safe”? The answer is prenatal care. Prenatal care is essential during pregnancy because your healthcare provider would be able to catch the early warning signs of various health concerns that may arise. This reduces risks that may have a detrimental effect on you and your baby. Complications, once caught early, can be properly managed to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery.

Every appointment is carefully curated with you and your baby in mind. During these appointments essential information is collected through labs which are trimester specific, vital signs, ultrasounds that assess growth and development, fetal heart rate, and moms weight. This data collected gives your healthcare provider a picture of how to tailor care just for you and your baby. It is very important not to miss any appointments. During your prenatal care you will have an opportunity to bring your questions and concerns regarding pregnancy for your healthcare provider to review with you. We look forward to seeing you at your next prenatal care visit!

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5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Self-confidence

According to Psychology Today, when children feel confident, they are more likely to have success. So, how can you help improve your child’s self-confidence?

  • Be a role model; demonstrate the behavior you want your kiddos to replicate.
  • Give specific encouragement, rather than only generally complimenting things that your child can’t control (e.g. say “I see how you are working so hard on that project. I’m proud of your perseverance.” instead of saying “You’re so smart” or “You look nice!”)
  • Break new tasks into doable steps; this will help your child accomplish what may seem overwhelming at first.
  • Acknowledge your child’s effort, even when they don’t achieve the intended results.
    Communicate positively, not focusing on the negative.

Read the full article for 9 additional tips at Psychology Today. 

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