Telemedicine and Our Generation

Studies have found that Millennials (you and I)  are one of the most stressed generations that suffer from a number of health dampening issues such as sleep deprivation, obesity, anxiety, and other health conditions. These studies also show

28 percent of Millennials don’t have a primary doctor, I know I don’t! 
Also the same studies showed 40 percent

 of those who do have a primary care doctor, don’t have a relationship with them, and most delay seeing a physician because of cost. I mean who wants to pay for an expensive office visit after paying for expensive insurance?
We (Millennials) make up over 83 million people, representing the largest generation in today’s workforce. Frankly, we are the largest generation period.
That’s why we introduced our telemedicine service because we know your time is valuable and your health is a concern to you! Whether you are pregnant, wanting an abortion, concerned about STD’s or need a Well Woman Exam, we want to make sure you are comfortable with us as your healthcare provider!
We provide easy access to our on-call medical team, where they can provide you with information, insight and ultimately an appointment at our low-cost clinic that will end in a quick in-office appointment!
What do you have to loose? Call us today and we will do everything we can to provide you with excellent care!