A heart healthy woman, healthy relationships, and handling change

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A Heart Healthy Woman

Hey Lady, have you checked your heart lately? Are you feeling the pressure because of your life stressors? If you’ve just answered no and yes to those questions, continue reading. 

The heart is one of the most important organs in our bodies. Without the constant flow of blood from the heart to the vital organs the body won’t have the fuel needed to thrive. It is so pivotal to get a baseline of where you are by getting your heart checked at least annually. You can get your heart checked during your annual well woman exam offered at Obria Medical Clinics.

During the exam your healthcare provider will assess your vital signs such as your blood pressure, weight, and your heart rate.  Lab tests will also be collected such as a lipid panel which would assess your cholesterol level, a complete blood count, thyroid levels, complete metabolic panel (which measures 14 different substances in your body),  and hemoglobin A1C which measures your average blood sugar over 3 months. 

These vital signs and lab results may indicate that your heart may be working harder than it should. Your healthcare provider will then have a picture of your baseline that will identify your individualized needs. This will enable them to create an action plan specific to you. If you have life stressors that have gone unchecked there is a potential they may be negatively affecting your heart, and your vitals and labs will show signs of that. 

Let us, here at Obria, help you, or someone you may know who is experiencing the pressures of life, manage them. 

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Is your relationship healthy or unhealthy?

When deciding if your relationship is healthy or unhealthy there are a few questions you can ask yourself.

Is the relationship conditional or unconditional?

A conditional relationship is one based on requirements or terms. Whereas an unconditional relationship, means the relationship has no terms, requirements, or conditions but is based on commitment and love.

Is the relationship controlling and disrespectful or respectful, equal, and supportive?

In a relationship that is controlling and disrespectful, one individual in the relationship is forced or pressured to act certain ways, participate and do certain things, or not be able to participate in certain things. On the other hand, a supportive and equal relationship allows two individuals to be able to grow together and support each other in their dreams, goals etc.

Is the relationship mostly about sex, status, and material things or are there attractions on many levels?

If a relationship is solely based on sex, a person’s status with money or their job, or how much a person owns then this could be a red flag in your relationship. A relationship should have attractions on more than just someone’s outward appearance or what they own. A healthy relationship is two individuals that are attracted to more about each other than just material things. But, they could be attracted to their partner’s character and personality, how they treat others, and even their hobbies.

Assessing your relationship using these three questions can be very telling about whether the relationship is healthy or unhealthy. When healthy characteristics are developed in individuals like honesty, loyalty, integrity, care, responsibility, etc. it can also help ensure you have a healthy relationship. Bettering yourself allows you to have high standards to ensure you pick up on potential red flags and to help you be the best version of yourself for your partner so that you can develop and keep a healthy relationship.

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School Children

Helping children process change

Change is difficult, but inevitable. Due to their still-developing brains and emotions, children are especially vulnerable to uneasiness when it comes to change. Here are ways to help them process!

      • Talk out their feelings and regularly check in.
      • Remind them of what is consistent, like their safety and your love for them.
      • Assure them that their concerns and worries are valid.
      • Keep routines in their life when possible.
      • Share openly about expectations and upcoming changes.


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