Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression in Dacula, GA?

Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression in Dacula, GA?

What is Wrong with Me?

The Truth about Baby Blues and Depression after Giving Birth

Maybe the thought of having a baby is something that has always played through your mind. Visions of a sweet and sleeping newborn filled your thoughts and your days as you awaited the arrival of your little bundle of joy. You thought it would be perfect. You expected to be insulated inside a bubble of perfection, happiness, and bliss. But now you just feel overwhelmed and sad. How can this be happening? What is happening? Is this normal?

Baby Blues in Dacula, GA

You are probably experiencing what is called the “baby blues.” Baby blues can be described as a mild and temporary moodiness. Between 50 – 80 percent of postpartum women experience some form of them. They can last a few hours, several days, or as long as two weeks. Symptoms include sudden tearfulness, irritability, anxiety about your health or the health of your baby, sleeplessness, impaired concentration, a feeling of isolation, and headaches. The good news is that baby blues usually resolve on their own within a few weeks with support from loved ones, patience, and rest. Baby blues are not the same thing as postpartum depression.

Postpartum Depression in Dacula, GA

Some women (about 1 in 5) experience a more disabling and persistent form of depression called postpartum depression (PPD).  Postpartum depression can begin anytime within the first year after childbirth. The symptoms of PPD last longer and are more severe than those associated with baby blues.  They may include things like sleeping too much or not at all, lack of joy, loss of interest in things that you previously enjoyed, emotional numbness, withdrawal, a sense of failure or inadequacy, and all this may be accompanied by mood swings. This is, by no means, an exhaustive list, but it can help you to determine if what you are feeling is beyond the scope of the “baby blues.”

There is Hope

 If you are feeling depressed after having a baby, you do not have to suffer alone. Please tell a loved one and call your medical provider right away. You do not have to power through it, and you do not have to suffer in silence. There are effective treatments which may include “talk therapy or at times some combination of antidepressant medication, talk therapy, and supportive community resources.” All babies deserve the chance to have a healthy mom, and you deserve the chance to enjoy your life and your children.

Obria is Here to Support You

The staff at Obria near Dacula can help you to identify resources and activities that may help to facilitate a return of joy and restore an interest in daily activities. Additionally, they can help you to create a “New Mom’s Survival Kit” along with other strategies to help you feel more like “your old self.”  If your needs do exceed the scope of what is offered at Obria, the staff can provide you with resources where you will be able to get more intensive help. If you feel like you need help, please call or text (770) 238-1668. If you feel like you want to harm yourself or you baby, call 911 immediately.

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