Adoption Could Be the Choice for You

Parenting and abortion aren’t the only two options if you find yourself in an unexpected pregnancy. Adoption is an option to consider if you do not want to choose abortion, but you also don’t feel like you’re in a place to parent your child. Whether you’re a student, your circumstances are financially or emotionally unstable, or you don’t have the support system to raise a child at this time, adoption may be the right choice for you.

The good news is that adoption looks very different than it did decades ago. Take what you’ve seen in movies and toss those ideas away. That’s not how adoption is today. Adoption is now an empowered choice for women.

When choosing adoption, you are in control of your personalized adoption plan, which is a description of what you want for your child and yourself in the future. A plan can be made at any time during a pregnancy or even right after birth. When making an adoption plan for your child, you have the power.

Adoption plans can vary, but most tend to be “open,” meaning that the birth mother (or parents) remain in contact with the adoptive parents and child as much as is determined by the plan. That could mean that the adoptive family shares updates and photos or even visits periodically with the birth mother.

When making an adoption plan, the expectant mother works with an adoption professional to select the family to parent the child. There are many, many loving families who are hoping to adopt and rest assured that they have completed a very thorough process to ensure that their homes are safe, loving environments. Each family completes a number of background checks, a home study, physical exams, various training, and must even make sure that pets are up to date on vaccines before being considered as a prospective adoptive family.

Open adoption extends the sense of family and keeps the focus on the child. The birth mother and the adoptive family are forever connected because of the love for the child. We love open adoption and believe that it’s an excellent choice for a child as it affirms her identity and sense of belonging.

Placing a child for adoption is a hard decision. It is truly a selfless act that deserves an immense amount of respect. When a woman sets aside her desires in favor of her child’s best interests, it is a heroic act. If you are unable to parent for whatever reason, adoption may be the choice for you.

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