Obria is Committed to Celebrating Differences and Eliminating Racial Inequality

At Obria we stand beside the Black community–making a public stance against the injustice and constant abuse of power and authority and to drive change and support the path to healing. We honor that our nation is built upon a melting pot of individuals, cultures, and color which makes our country unique and special.  But we also recognize that there are implicit biases in all areas of society.  For this reason, we are dedicated to addressing racism, and promoting equality in our clinics, in your community, and in the healthcare industry.  Our promise is to be your ally and to serve alongside you with dignity!

With a mission to never turn anyone away, Obria serves a wide diversity of patients and believes that each and every patient deserves to be treated, as well as heard.  We exist to serve the under-served and the voiceless in our communities—if you cannot afford to pay you will not be refused!  Our purpose is to provide you, and every individual we see, with judgment free, high-quality, comprehensive reproductive healthcare, and education.  A healthcare program that will not only help you and your community thrive but to also feel empowered.

Forty years ago Obria grew out of a small centralized mission to help women in need, and has now grown to include nearly 50 affiliates across our nation with expanded services for all.  It has always been our policy to be inclusive, but to also achieve concrete and positive outcomes for our society.  We believe now is the time to pause, reflect, and improve our best practices, and we are calling on all medical professionals and organizations to join us and take a stance on love, unity, and equality for all mankind.

We know that Obria’s continuing plan of action may not be enough to fill a void that has existed among many for generations.  But be assured that we are committed to working alongside you, with your community, and with other health organizations to not only keep patient care and confidentiality first, but also to make our nation a better place to live by taking measures that will help alleviate biases and racism from our society.


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