Sexual Health

by | Jan 17, 2022

Optimal Health Coaching

Optimal Health Coaching

When it comes to your sexual health, we at Obria Medical Clinics understand that you may have lots of questions, and we are here to help!

Some of the most common questions we hear is, “Am I safe to have sex?”

Before having sex, be sure to be tested for a Sexual Transmitted Disease or Sexual Transmitted Infection (STD/STI). Many STD/ STI’s have no symptoms and men and women don’t even know that they have one. Obria Medical Clinics offer many different options for testing and treating an STD/STI. For more information, go to our STD/STI’s page.

Be sure to schedule annual well-women’s appointments to prevent any further spreading of STD/STI’s and ensure you are healthy for sex. Contact an Obria Medical Clinic today to schedule your appointment.